Light Aircraft Pilot’s License LAPL(A)

Do you think about flying? Do you want to control your plane yourself? With the LAPL(A) license, you can develop your passion in various ways. First of all, you can use the plane yourself to quickly move around Europe.

What does the LAPL(A) license allow for? This is the shortest way to pilot certified single-engine piston aircraft not exceeding the takeoff weight of 2 tons, in which the number of persons on board is not more than 4 people (including the pilot). In order to transport passengers free of charge, you must fly a minimum of 10 hours after obtaining the license as the pilot of the aircraft. Flights can take place all over Europe, but you can go beyond Polish borders after passing the English language exam (ICAO level 4). An aircraft piloted using LAPL(A) must comply with EASA requirements and be registered in the EU.

How to start? The minimum age to start training is 16 years. You must be 17 years old to apply for Your license. Part-MED required medical-aviation certificate of the LAPL class.

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Pilot with LAPL(A) license may apply for a PPL(A) license if passes at least 15 hours of flight after obtaining a LAPL(A) license, of which 10 hours in an approved aviation training organization, covering 4 hours of flight time independently under supervision, including at least two hours of flight time, self-flight in navigation flights, of which at least one navigable flight for a distance of at least 270 km (150 nautical miles) during which it is necessary to make a full stop landing at 2 airports other than the departure airport.

Flight training duration – LAPL(A) training consists of two stages run in parallel:

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  • theoretical training – the same for the LAPL(A) and PPL(A) licenses, lasts 100 hours (it is enough to have at least 10 hours of lectures, 90 hours may be self-learning from specially developed materials). During the training you will gain knowledge, among others in the field of aviation law, meteorology, navigation, flight rules and communications.
  • practical training – it lasts 30 hours. After completing it, along with passing the theoretical exams (9 subjects in front of the Air Examination Commission), you take the practical exam with the examiner of the Civil Aviation Office (usually less than 2 hours of flight).

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Training for LAPL(A) license will take place with us, among others on the low-wing Evektor SportStar RTC low-cost aircraft, which is one of the most popular training aircraft. It is particularly appreciated for its economy and the fact that it is controlled gently and lightly, which provides incredible impressions and views. You will learn about many other advantages of this agile machine during classes at PlanePoland

Evektor Sportstar PlanePoland

If you are considering getting a LAPL(A) pilot license, but you are not sure if the sky-high adventure is for you, take advantage of our familiarization flights

What is the difference between the LAPL(A) license and the UAP ultralight certificate?

The qualification certificate for ultralight aircraft in many EU countries is not honored at all. The maximum take-off weight in the case of ultralight aircraft can not exceed 495 kg, and the number of seats on the deck can not be greater than 2. The most important limitation is the lack of the possibility of completing a full raid on ultralight airplanes. If the holder of the qualification certificate decides to start training for the PPL aircraft license (A), regardless of the flight taken earlier on ultralight airplanes, the candidate can not be credited more than 10 hours for practical training for PPL(A).