Sightseeing Flights

Do you want to see your surroundings from an unusual perspective? Choose a recreational flight with Planepoland. You will be able to admire the world from a bird’s eye view while sitting comfortably on the plane. Discover the charm of your favorite places anew, at any time you want.

What plane will the sightseeing flight take?

In Planepoland, you can choose the plane you want to fly. It can be a small double Evektor SportStar RTC plane, an agile and extremely scenic Cessna 172 high-wing aircraft that will accommodate 2 passengers in addition to you and the pilot. Or a six-seat Cessna 206 or even larger aircraft, whose advantages are mainly used in long-haul flights. In order to admire aerial views, it is sometimes worth changing to a Helipoland helicopter, which does not necessarily have to be stationed at the airport, but for example at the hotel where you are.

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View from the plane on the Helipoland helicopter on mountain flights – expedition R 44 around the Tatra mountains

Where we fly?

After selecting the aircraft, you decide where to go. Excursions by plane or helicopter over the peaks of high mountains are particularly exciting. That is why we recommend recreational flights around the Tatra Mountains, both on the Polish and Slovak side.

Why is it worth taking a recreational flight?

A recreational flight is more than just a trip. Explore the world from a different perspective, look at the things you have seen so far while walking hard on the ground. Thanks to Planepoland, your look-out flight will take on a completely different dimension. See the famous places, you will be able to admire the beauty of the area from the bird’s view.

Who can I take for an sightseeing flight?

Depending on the aircraft, you can take from 1 to 4 people for an observation flight. Show your family how beautiful the area in which they live. This can be a really special adventure for your children, who will remember the recreational flight all year long.

Romantic views during the flight at night

Do you want to take your partner on a special date that he will not forget for the rest of his life? Make an evening flight during the sunset. Evening time allows you to get to know the charm of places both in the light of the sun, and observe the ground lit by lamps and street lighting. We also do not forget about sunset, which from an airplane or helicopter cabin guarantees extra emotions.

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Cracow at night from a bird’s eye view

Sightseeing flights – contact us to organize your recreational flight.