Airplane flight (Air Taxi)

What a few years ago seemed completely inaccessible, at the moment is at your fingertips. As an experienced aviation company acting independently or in cooperation with air operators we offer you Air Taxi services performed by experienced pilots and operators.

We are a professional broker with many years of experience and an established position on the market of air services. We dedicate our offer to all those customers who appreciate the highest quality standards of service, while seeking a simple way to quickly and conveniently move between selected points in the country and in the world. We are aware of how much today means timing and punctuality. Therefore, we try to guarantee the shortest possible waiting time for the provision of the appropriate aircraft, which allows us to perform the service at the time declared by us. Airplane flight Air Taxi formula can be used in connection with Helipoland helicopter transportation to save Your time even more.

Airplane flight (Air Taxi) – an air taxi on simple request

Air taxi is a term increasingly used by customers of the Polish transport market, yet still associated with high travel costs. Although the air taxi is still not a means of transport for any budget, in reality its rental does not have to be that expensive. In terms of costs, a lot depends on the ability to optimally rule flights and select the right machine and service operators.

For years, we have been successfully mediating between passengers interested in renting an air taxi and owners of aircraft that can provide such services. We use only proven contacts. We choose only reliable machines in perfect technical and visual condition. We offer competitive rates and the opportunity to get discounts when renting long-term.

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Air Taxi – speed, comfort and safety

Using services in the air taxi formula, you do not have to worry about traffic jams and deadlines. Your only activity is limited to ordering a plane travel destination with a certain number of passengers, luggage and dates and we will take care of the rest: we will provide the right plane, AOC operator or pilot will organize the flight on the chosen route.Regardless of whether you are a businessman who has multitude of professional duties and a multitude of meetings with contractors and suppliers, or whether you only want to save yourself the time you would have to spend on conventional travel, the Air Taxi service will meet your expectations. In our offer we have a luxury air taxi for VIP customers, air taxis with a business class standard with the possibility of equipping the cab with the necessary office equipment and standard air taxi overcoming intercontinental routes.

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Air Taxi by helicopter – land where airplanes can not

Sometimes, it may turn out that Helipoland helicopter will be more beneficial and in particular will be faster, especially for short distances. 

The majority of commercial carriers concentrate on performing flights using small airplanes that run between airports to enable their smooth take-off and landing. The services provided in this way are excellent for orders involving flights on standard routes, using basic airports in the country, the use of which is often not possible. In particular, when the distances to be covered are not large or near the place where you want to reach, there will be no suitable airport or landing strip, for example, through a grassy surface or the lack of availability of aviation fuels. Sometimes this can reduce the profitability of using aircraft to reach the place you have chosen. When you decide to use our services, you basically get rid of this problem. Helicopters provided by us allow landing in much more places than in the case of airplanes. We land wherever legal regulations allow us, including small, approved private landing sites or simply on private plots with the consent of the land manager.
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