Airplane charter

Our offer is addressed to all those who want to quickly, comfortably and safely organize an airplane flight in order to transport people or goods. For our clients from home and abroad, we serve private plane charter with different standards and performance at competitive prices.

The concept of charter, commonly used in shipping, rail transport and aviation, should be understood as the rental of aircraft for their own needs. It may refer to the aircraft entrusted to the charterer along with the crew (pilot and service) or without it. There are also options related to entrusting an aircraft with support for a given place for a specified period (so-called time charter), or also chartering an aircraft for several cruises performed at irregular intervals.

What is the chartering of aircraft?

Depending on your needs, expectations and budget, we can offer different aircraft – from luxury jets, through machines fully adapted to the needs of a business client, to small air taxis ideal for domestic flights:

  • airplanes for VIP customers that combine luxury with best-in-class performance that meets the expectations of even the most demanding passengers;
  • business class airplanes combining the convenience of cabins with the functionality of a fully equipped office, the possibilities of which will satisfy every businessman on a business trip;
  • planes dedicated to passengers taking private trips, which are characterized by exceptionally comfortable and functional interiors, large luggage compartments and very good performance;
  • standard air taxi for customers who prefer fast air transport at competitive prices over the quality of cabin finishes and aesthetic values of the aircraft.

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Time is money

Chartering a private airplane is an offer for clients who think that their time has huge priority and are aware that often journeys are connected with losing it. When meetings are at different places and there is so many of them, it is not worth travelling and lodging – we highly recommend chartering your own plane. The pilot and the aircraft are at your disposal during whole flight.

The overcrowded airports, long queues for check-in and security checks, the frequent lack of direct connections and the necessity to change connections have meant that long-haul flights have become time-consuming and onerous. When choosing a business plane trip, you set the schedule and the itinerary. You arrive at the airport shortly before departure, passing all check-in procedures very quickly and efficiently at General Aviation or VIP terminals intended exclusively for private flights.

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