Flight training

Before attempting the flight training we invite You to take an introductory flight.

Great opportunity to take over the controls of the airplane under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

You think about training, but have never been in a airplane? Don’t you know if you are able to “absorb” all the necessary knowledge on the flight course, you desire to feel airplane flight controls on your own or don’t know your well-being during the airplane flight? You are welcome for an introductory flight!

Price for an introductory flight conducted on training airplane is 120 Euro for a half-hour lesson.

To participate in the introductory flight should arrange an appointment by contacting us by telephone or by completing the contact form. Term and place of the introductory flight or full training is determined individually. Available dates are subject to weather conditions and availability of airplanes and instructors.

How does the familiarization flight look like?

During the flight familiarization you will learn the basic and necessary theoretical knowledge and the basic principles of airplane flight. You will try your skills as a pilot without a medical examination, without any formalities. You can seat as a passenger as well.

After short (as you wish) theoretical introduction with subjects such as meteorology, rules of the air, communication and preparation of airplane for flight, you will be able to take controls of the airplane and accompanied by an instructor experience an introductory flight. If you like it and want to continue to flight course, you can take out a series of further lessons or start a full course to a private pilot’s license (PPL) or commercial pilot license (CPL).

Introductory flights and flight training in PlanePoland

Learning to fly an airplane is a magical experience and PlanePoland can make your dream of flying come true. In PlanePoland we conduct introductory flights and teach flying at an aerodrome with concrete runway, 7 days a week, day and night. PlanePoland can provide students with most of the airplane training requirements you may have. We offer a complete career path from training for your LAPL(A) (Light Aircaft Pilot License for Aeroplanes) or PPL(A) License (Private Pilot’s License for Aeroplanes) to training to gain your CPL(A) license (Commercial Aeroplane Pilot’s License).

3 Szkolenia pilotów Planepoland

Zakopane and Tatra Mountains view from Robinson R44 helicopter

Learning to fly by plane can be a great start to the adventure of learning how to fly on Helipoland helicopters. When switching from a plane to a helicopter, it is much easier to learn the manual complexities associated with controlling a helicopter.