Commercial Pilot License CPL(A)

Do you think about the pilot’s career? Do you want to learn how to control the plane and make money on flying? Obtain a CPL(A) license and great opportunities will appear before you. First of all, you will be able to start an exciting job: above the clouds, at the controls of the plane.

What does the CPL(A) pilot license allow for? It authorizes commercial flights by airplane, including taking up work at airlines as the first officer of a passenger aircraft. You will be able to earn money by flying, and also by training for additional privileges of a certain type of aircraft, performing flight operations or, for example, business jet flights. If you do not have the right to perform night flights, you will get it as part of the CPL(A) training. You will be able to fly on the territory of all European countries associated in the European Aviation Safety Agency. You can also extend your rights at any time to be recognized in other countries of the world (so-called license conversion).

How to start? The minimum age to start the training is 17 years. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a license issue. Part-MED class 1 is required, which is valid for no more than one year from the test

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Who can obtain a CPL(A) license? Before starting the practical training for a commercial pilot license CPL(A), at least 150 hours of flight experience is required. In addition, before starting the training in our organization, the candidate must have a valid MEP(L) or have a certificate of minimum 6 hours of practical training on MEP(L) aircraft. At least 200 hours of flight experience is required when applying for a CPL(A) license.

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Flight training duration – CPL(A) training consists of two stages which can be taken in parallel:

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  • theoretical training – lasts 100 hours in stationary mode (it is enough to have at least 28 hours of lectures, 222 hours may be self-learning from specially developed materials). During the training you will gain knowledge, among others in the field of aviation law, meteorology, navigation, flight rules and communications.
  • practical training – practical training includes: 10 hours of training within the basic module according to instruments (BIFM), of which 5 hours can be on the FNTP II device, and 5 on a single-engine class airplane – SEP(L); 15 hours of training in visibility conditions (VFR), including 10 hours of training on a single-engine aircraft – SEP(L) and 5 hours of training on a MEP(L) type airplane of the “complex” type.

If the applicant holds a PPL(A) with night-time VFR privileges and a valid IR or BIFM certificate, this practical training for a CPL(A) can be reduced to 15 hours in visual conditions, including 5 flight training hours on a multi-engine complex aircraft and 10 hours of flight training on a single-engine aircraft.

After completing practical training with passing the theoretical examinations (13 subjects in front of the Air Examination Commission, english language is recommended for the exams), a practical exam with an examiner of the Civil Aviation Authority (usually about 2 hours of flight) that can be combined with the practical exam for MEP(L) entitlement within 6 months of completing the training to the MEP(L) certificate.

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Jeśli zastanawiasz się nad uzyskaniem licencji pilota CPL(A), ale nie jesteś pewien czy podniebne przygody są dla Ciebie, skorzystaj z naszych lotów zapoznawczych.

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Commercial Pilot License CPL(A) along with ATPL(A) theoretical examinations is the beginning of your career to obtain the ATPL(A) – airline pilot license.