Airplane hire

Do you think about the plane because it is a fast way to comfortably and safely travel long distances or do you need a plane to carry out a special transport service? Airplane hire allows you to walk alone, or together with other passengers, instantly over hundreds or even thousands of kilometers.
Would you like to gain aviation experience by building a raid on a light aircraft or simply get up in the air to enjoy the views? We invite you to contact us to agree on the details of achieving these goals on one of our aircraft.

Airplane hire – what we offer ?

  • sightseeing – introductory flights
  • rental of light aircraft to build up your flight experience
  • plane charters for individual air transportation / service needs
  • business and tourist VIP flights or group flights, so-called air taxi

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In Planepoland, you can rent an airplane that will be available 24/7, wherever you need it. We offer various types of aircraft, we help in planning the most convenient start and landing airports. Using the aircraft you can be sure that it is the fastest and most effective means of transport over long distances. You can also get Helipoland helicopters (check) for shorter distances or just instant transport from your home or business place to the airplane.

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Business and tourist VIP flights or group flights, so-called air taxi

Air taxi is a term that, at the background of a wide range of transport services, sounds at least expensive. Meanwhile, having our own fleet, contacts with airlines and private owners of aircraft, we can offer our clients the rental of air taxis at competitive prices. Air taxi is a term increasingly used by customers of the Polish transport market, yet still associated with high travel costs. Although the air taxi is still not a means of transport for any budget, in reality its rental does not have to be that expensive.

Fast air transport for many passengers until recently was just a dream. Today it is a dream come true with Planepoland. We are a professional broker on the air services market. For years, we have been successfully mediating between passengers and owners of aircraft of various standards and performances, specializing in the rental of airplanes for business clients and individuals. We build our offer based on permanent agreements with airlines and long-term contracts with private owners.

Persons interested in air travel may choose between a propeller-driven flight with piston or turbine propulsion, a small passenger plane or exclusive business planes, so-called “Private jet” as well as a helicopter.

Plane charters for individual air transportation / service needs

We are a professional broker with rich experience and an established position on the market. For the needs of our clients from home and abroad, we serve private plane charters of various standards and performance. We also cooperate with airlines, thanks to which we can offer charters at really competitive prices.

We observe the changing needs and expectations of passengers and try to overtake them by enriching our fleet with high-class luxury jets for VIPs as well as standard air taxis, which are increasingly used by business clients and individuals.

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Each query related to the organization of a flight from point A to B is priced individually, depending on many factors and details indicated by the ordering party. The final price of the flight consists of many variables, among which the basic significance have such arrangements as the place of take-off and landing, the length of the flight and the distance to travel, the chosen aircraft. The flight can be made by participating in the costs together with the rest of the persons on board or in person with the pilot. In order to obtain an approximate price, we invite you to contact us, we will try to answer all questions that arise and prepare an individual quote.

Why is it sometimes worth choosing a Helipoland helicopter from among the aircrafts listed? The choice of this machine allows for practically any selection of take-off and landing. It is conditioned only by the existence, in the area of ​​the planned take-off or landing, of a place defined in aviation law as a landing ground, subject to entry in the register kept by the Civil Aviation Office or simply a private area where helicopter can fit with its dimensions. At present ULC has in its register more than 300 registered helipads or airstrips.

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Airplane hire for sightseeing or introductory flights

Do you want to see your surroundings from an unusual perspective? Choose a recreational flight with Planepoland. You will be able to admire the world from a bird’s eye view while sitting comfortably on the plane. Discover the charm of your favorite places at any time of the year or day. What plane will the flight take place in? In Planepoland, you can choose the plane you want to fly. The choice of aircraft depends mostly on the number of people you would like to take with you. Where are we flying? After selecting the aircraft, you decide where to go. Excursions over the peaks of high mountains are particularly exciting. That is why we recommend recreational flights around the Beskid Mountains, both on the Polish and Slovak side.

Rental of light airplanes to build up your flight experience

We also offer rental of light school aircraft, which can be used with an instructor or a more experienced safety pilot. With our help, you will gain the experience necessary to develop a pilot’s career (so-called flight experience building) or useful in developing skills and raising Your level of safety as a “tourist” pilot.