Instrument Rating IR(A)

One of the very important qualifications of each pilot is the Instrument Rating IR(A). Having this rating raises significantly the advantages of the pilot’s license, making the flying largely independent from weather conditions and is indispensable for all those who bind their future with the pilot’s profession especially in any airline.

IR (A) is an additional authorization entered into the PPL(A) or CPL(A) license, which entitles the pilot to fly accordingly to the instruments indications under IMC conditions. The practical training for the IR is conducted on the FNTP II training device and the aircraft certified for IFR, either on SEP(L) or MEP(L) class. It includes 55 hours of training time according to the instruments indications, of which up to 40 hours can be performed on the FNPT II training device.

Instrument rating IR(A) – prerequisites:

1 Do lotów według wskazań przyrządów IR(A)
  • PPL(A) license with night flight privileges (VFR night rating) as per FCL.810 requirements, if IR rights are to be used at night, or;
  • a CPL(A) with flight experience of at least 50 hours en-route flight experience as pilot-in-command of an airplane, powered sailplane, helicopter or airship, of which at least 10 hours on an aircraft of the relevant category;
  • valid MEP(L) rating if IR training is to be made on a multi-engine aircraft;
  • completed theoretical course in the amount of 150 hours or theoretical training for the ATPL(A) aircraft license;
  • appropriate knowledge of English confirmed by a license entry on level 4 or higher;
  • valid class 1 or class 2 medical certificate with an entry on the absence of contraindications to IFR flights.

Instrument rating IR(A) – course of training:

  • 150 hours of theoretical instruction in extramural mode (individual or group classes), if the candidate does not have completed the theoretical ATPL exam;
  • 10 hours of training within the basic module, of which 5 hours can be completed on the FNTP II training device, and 5 hours on the plane on SEP(L) or MEP(L) class airplane;
  • 40 hours of SEP(L) training as part of the procedural module, of which 30 hours can be completed on the FNTP II training device or;
  • 45 hours of MEP(L) training as part of the procedural module, of which 30/35 * hours can be completed on the FNTP II device.

A candidate training for an IR certificate on a multi-engine aircraft must fly a minimum of 15 hours on an MEP (L) aircraft. If the applicant has previously completed 5 hours under the basic module on the SEP (L) class airplane, then a minimum of 15 hours of training under the procedural module shall be carried out on the MEP (L) aircraft.